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Members of the lab are typically involved in teaching activities of the following degrees and modules.

BSc in Environmental Sciences

Ecology (Alfonso Corzo)

Climate change (Sokratis Papaspyrou)

BSc in Marine Sciences

Biological Oceanography (Emilio Gracia Robledo)

Master in Oceanography

Biogeochemistry of coastal systems (A. Corzo, S. Papaspyrou, E, García-Robledo)

Master in Integrated Management of Littoral zones

Ecosystem principles for IMLZ ( S. Papaspyrou)

Not on offer currently


Integrative Assessment Of Sediment Quality In Aquatic Systems (S. Papaspyrou)

Communications Science (S. Papaspyrou)

Microbial potential for the attenuation of contaminants in coastal ecosystems and bioremediation (A. Corzo, S. Papaspyrou, E, García-Robledo)