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In our lab, we are fascinated by the world around us and we love exploring it! Microorganisms, in particular, are the most amazing creatures on this planet. They have been around for billions of years and have the capacity to live almost on anything and anywhere.

In the MEB Laboratory, we apply modern biogeochemistry tools to study the role of aquatic organisms and in particular of microorganisms on ecosystem function. Since we study microorganisms, we frequently use microelectrodes, in order to determine chemical gradients at a microscale.

We perform both in situ studies and laboratory experiments and our research interests span from coastal marine ecosystems to acid lakes.

Recent projects we have been working on include among others:

  • the ecology of microphytobenthos in intertidal areas
  • the role of macroalgal blooms on the biogeochemistry of intertidal flats
  • benthic-pelagic coupling in coastal areas
  • the microbiology of biofilms in waste water treatment plants and other systems
  • the biogeochemistry of acid mine drainage contaminated aquatic ecosystems.