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RICAS: Postdoctoral position on Eddy Covariance (open until 30th June)

PhD & Postdoctoral Researchers

We are continuously seeking PhD & Postdoctoral researchers interested in working with us. We have a well-equipped laboratory for microsensor and other microbial ecology and biogeochemical techniques based work. The university also offers many analytical tools in its core research services facilities. Candidates from any field related to our work (microsensors, biogeochemical process rates, modelling, biostatistics, community analyses, molecular ecology etc.) are welcomed to inquire about current and future openings. For most current openings check the latest posts.

To apply for available positions, send a cover letter detailing previous experience and a curriculum vitae to our lab or the PI of the project.

Contact: meb.lab [at] uca.es
Departamento de Biología (Área de Ecología)
Facultad de Ciencias del Mar y Ambientales
Universidad de Cádiz
11510 Puerto Real (Cádiz)

Tel: +34 956 01 6177