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Alfonso Corzo

Professor of Ecology

Ph.D. Biological  Science. 1988. University of Málaga

B.Sc. Biological  Science. 1982. University of Málaga

Research Interests: Microorganisms are the dominant form of living biomass on Earth and they play key roles in the biogeochemical cycles necessary to sustain life on the planet. In the MEBL, we study the microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of a variety of aquatic ecosystems, from estuarine areas to acid lakes. We study processes in the water column and sediment but are particularly interested in the microbial and biogeochemical processes occurring at the sediment-water interface and in other microbial surfaces, like biofilms and microbial mats. We largely rely on microsensors to measure at a microscale concentration gradients of solutes (e.g. O2, pH, H2S), from which we can estimate microbial activities such as aerobic respiration and sulfate reduction. Microsensor measurements are complemented with a wide range of other microbial ecology and geochemical techniques including among others, stable isotopes, molecular biology, and geochemical modelling. Our approaches combine laboratory experimentation in microcosms and mesocosm systems in closely controlled conditions, in situ experiments and field studies.