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Dolores Jiménez López

Research Technician

PhD in Marine Sciences, 2021, University of Cádiz, Spain

M.Sc. in Oceanography, 2016, University of Cádiz, Spain

B.Sc. in Marine Sciences, 2013, University of Cádiz, Spain

Graduated in Marine Sciences and Master in Oceanography from the University of Cádiz in 2013 and 2015, respectively. My interest in research began during the master with my final project titled “Dynamics of greenhouse gases (CH4, N2O and CO2) in the gulf of Cádiz”, where I had the opportunity to work together with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography within the oceanographic cruises STOCA. My research followed in 2016 joined to the group of Oceanography and Coastal Pollution of the University of Cádiz, where I realised my doctoral thesis entitled, “Carbon cycle in the gulf of Cádiz”. This thesis was carried out under the national project “Carbon cycle and greenhouse gas flows in the gulf of Cádiz” (CTM2014-59244-C3-1-R). In summary, this thesis studied the general behaviour of carbon in the gulf of Cádiz, taking into account the different exchanges between the environmental compartments that limit it, such as the Mediterranean and Atlantic basins, coastal systems, the atmosphere and sediment, as well as the different factors that affect their distribution, such as temperature, biological activity, and degradation of organic matter, among others. For this, it was mainly necessary to carry out different oceanographic and interdisciplinary cruises, both in the gulf of Cádiz, and in the main estuaries located in this basin, Guadalquivir, Tinto-Odiel and Guadiana.

At present, I am working as licensed researcher chapter VI within the Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry Laboratory of the University of Cádiz, joined to the project EXTREME-FUN (Effects of extreme climatic events on the biogeochemical functioning of shallow coastal areas: from the micro to the macroscale).


  • Greenhouse gases fluxes
  • Carbon cycle biogeochemistry
  • Gulf of Cádiz and Guadalquivir estuary

Jose Calderón Caro

Graduate Researcher Cap. VI

BSc in Biotechnology, 2021, University of Cádiz, Spain

Although my training as a biotechnologist focused on Environmental, Industrial and Food Biotechnology, in my undergraduate thesis I carried out a characterization of microorganisms from characterization of microorganisms in wastewater from a refinery using Molecular Biology techniques.

I joined the Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry laboratory of the University of Cádiz at the beginning of 2022 as a Graduate Researcher. At currently, I am in charge of the work related to Molecular Biology and Flow Cytometry.


  • Molecular biology (DNA/RNA extractions, PCR/qPCR, bioinformatics…)
  • Flow cytometry of bacterioplankton and nano- and picophytoplankton.

Silvia Rayo Mato

Graduate Researcher Cap. VI

Specialist in Meteorology University Postgraduate, 2019, UNED & AEMET

MSc in Oceanography, 2016, University of Cádiz

BSc in Marine Sciences, 2014, University of Cádiz

I began my research career at the Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry Laboratory (MEB-Lab) at the University of Cádiz, focusing on the biogeochemistry of iron in coastal marine sediments for my bachelor’s and master’s projects. Afterwards, I specialized in Meteorology and Climatology, developing skills in managing and analyzing large climate and oceanography datasets.

I have participated in several research projects focused on monitoring biochemical variables and analyzing environmental data. Through these projects, I have gained experience in fieldwork, laboratory work and programming languages.

Currently, at MEB-Lab, I am part of a project that involves the installation of an Atmospheric Eddy Covariance tower, a multiparametric buoy, and benthic chambers to monitor the environmental status of the saltmarshes in the Bay of Cadiz and their response to climate change.


  • Marine biogeochemistry
  • Data processing